Modular & Mobile Solutions UAE (Parent company, Standart Grup MMS, Turkey)

provide modular housing and mobile solutions in the areas of humanitarian aid including; refugee accommodation, emergency response, earthquake, flood & fire and more. Solutions include homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, orphanages, bakeries, kitchens, administration offices and storage solutions.

Modular & Mobile is a solutions company

We design, manufacture and supply a number of interlinked products, services and solutions. The company’s core business activities are in Humanitarian Aid. The company has 50 years trading experience and large scale manufacturing capability.

Product portfolio includes:

  • Modular housing solutions (affordable, high quality, versatile, re-usable)

  • Mobile Solutions (Hospitals, bakerys, kitchens, toilets, bedrooms)

  • Orbital Power solutions: Revolutionary compact, lightweight, high output rotary engine¬†generator.
  • View our modular housing solutions Modular Housing

Latest project: Syria Crisis

The company has installed a 1,000 modular home refugee community on the Turkish / Syrian border. Community will house
6,000 people+
1,000 modular homes
4 Schools
Hospital + Clinic
Public utility buildings
Leisure facilities

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